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Ozone Efficiency is a company which is part of The Efficiency Group. The company is run by Colin and Graham Oakley and is located in Staffordshire and have since 2011 offered state of the art ozone solutions to customers within a range of industries.

The equipment offered by Ozone Efficiency (suitable for Ozone and Hygiene) Efficiency powers the most advanced ozone generation systems on the market today. The products are regularly enhanced with the latest technologies available which in turn improving the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of our equipment. Our products have a proven track record of significantly reducing energy and chemicals consumption in commercial production environments. Ozone helps slash your bills, improve your performance and help you put more money back in your pocket!

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The Ozone system payoff with respect to Labor and Chemical usage was nine months

Paul - Brewery Owner, Ireland

Ozone Efficiency

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Whatever your business, affordable ozone generators will help